What is FXScalper?

A revolutionary Forex auto trading solution that places hundreds of small daily scalping trades with the sole intention of generating back end rebate commissions.

How long has fxscalper been in business?

Fxscalper has been in business for over four years, while our CEO has been trading Forex for over 10.

What is your minimum deposit?

Currently the minimum deposit is as little as $50. While this is the minimum, we highly recommend investing as much as you feel comfortable. Investors should understand and be realistic when calculating potential profit. For example: a $50 account earning 25% monthly is $12.50 this comes out to $0.56 per day. Any investor with the intention of depositing the minimum should really only be doing this to test our service; not to earn money as the above example clearly illustrates. You don’t need to be an investor to join our affiliate program and earn additional rebate commissions. See our AFFILIATE program for more details.

How long does it take to get started?

Once you have upload the required documents and make your initial deposit we aim to have all deposits credited within 12 business hours; excluding weekends.

How do I invest?

Click the SIGN UP button on our invest page to create an account Once logged in, upload your documents and make a minimum deposit of $50 Withdraw or reinvest your rebate commission as often as you want. Please also visit our INVEST page for more details.

Is this a short term or long term investment?

As our videos mention, the fxscalper.fund trading solution should only be used for long term investing. Since our algorithm places hundreds of trades daily, these trades need ample time to run and close in an overall break even state. For clients that are looking to invest short term, we highly recommend against this as if open trades are forced closed, loss will be taken on these trades. Our solution should be used for long term investing where clients funds can stay invested, letting their money go to work for them. Please note, that daily rebates are earned completely separate from your invested capital. This allows passive daily income to be withdrawn or reinvested.

I’ve made my deposit, now what?

Once you’ve made your deposit and it’s been credited by our accounting department, you will want to transfer your funds from your “wallet” to your “investment account”. You can use the “transfer funds” button is the user dashboard to do this. Once completed your account will show “pending investment”. Each day at midnight london time your funds will have been successfully moved over and your funds will be trading live. The following day, after trades have happened you will see the rebate commissions credited to your wallet and each trading day hereafter.

I’ve moved my money into the investment account but it says it is pending?

Yes, this is normal. This is because the rollover for the day has not happened yet. This occurs at midnight london time, once the rollover happens your investment will move from pending into your live investment account.

How can I reinvest my daily rebate commissions?

Once you move your funds into your “investment account” there will be a small box that says “auto reinvest”. Simply check this box and your daily rebate commissions will be reinvested for as long as you have this box checked. You can change this setting at anytime, however please note it will not take into effect until the rollover happens.

What brokers do you use?

Fxscalper does not work with brokers, instead we are directly connected to many liquidity providers, which is exactly what brokers do. This creates a direct bridge between trading and banks. This allows fxscalper to receive lower spreads which can be marked up higher than normal which is then split with the investor, earning everyone more profit.

What documents do I need?

Standard documents are: Photo ID, such as a passport or license, and proof of residency. When you login to your account, you may click on the profile tab to upload your documents.

Can I use my own broker?

Fxscalper bypasses brokers and connects directly with liquidity providers, so you would not be able to use your own broker. Our algorithm is heavily integrated with liquidity between marking up spreads on the pairs we trade to issuing daily rebates for all clients. It would be impossible to work with an outside broker that doesn’t have all of these complexities fully intertwined and connected with us. Normal copy trading where trading occurs to win trades is completely different than the revolutionary solution we provide.

When do you credit rebate commissions?

The system is updated with the rebate commissions for the previous day after the trading day has ended with the exception of Friday’s rebates. Trading happens Monday-Friday which means you will get reporting for Monday on Tuesday and Tuesday on Wednesday etc. The market and our offices are closed on weekends, so the only exception is reporting for Friday’s trades which will be delivered on Monday. Once the update happens you will be able to see reporting for the previous trading day in your account as well as an email update that is sent to you. Please be aware that we work with clients all over the world, so we cannot give an exact time of when you will receive the update as it will depend on your time zone.

How much do I earn per lot?

For any deposit that you personally make you get $8 per lot. Lots are divided equally between investors and are proportional to your balance. For example: if there are 10 investors with $100 each and 10 lots are made that day each investor would earn $8 (1 lot) for the day. If you want to earn more, depositing more will result in higher rebates, you can also visit our AFFILIATE page.

How much money can I make?

While this is one of the most common questions, it’s also the most difficult to answer. Trading Forex is considered high risk no matter who you trade/work with. If we use the example of 25% return for the month, then a $50 deposit would earn $12.50 profit. If the same return applied to an investor with a $10,000 balance, this client would earn $2,500 profit for the month. Compounding by reinvesting profit back into your trading account instead of pulling profit out will let your account grow and earn more than just leaving the same balance trading each month. Savvy investors continue to add funds and reinvest their profit to earn the maximum profit that can grow each month. Please click the INVEST page where you will find our profit estimate calculator that gives an average range of what to expect when working with us.

Is there a monthly fee/how does fxscalper make money?

We do not charge a monthly fee. The way we make money is the same way you do, by marking up the spread and taking a portion of it while the investor takes the other portion.

What’s the difference between trading profit and rebate commission?

Trading profit means you are trading pairs with the goal of winning trades in order to make profit. Rebate commission is earned based on the number of lots traded, meaning you earn rebate regardless of if the trade wins or not. We believe that when earning like a broke on every single trade this gives a greater profit potential with lower risk than trading forex traditionally on the front end by winning trades in order to make money.

How is rebate calculated?

Rebate commissions are generated on every single trade win or lose just the same as a broker earns on clients. FXScalper has marked up the spreads between 1-3+ pips per pair which is split with the investor proportionate to their invested balance. This is a similar strategy to how a broker earns

What is “spread”?

Spread is the difference between a buy and sell price and is what every broker marks up to the retail trader who is placing trades and is charged win or lose. Fxscalper marks up the spread similarly and splits the difference with the investor. For example: if EUR/USD forex pair had a .6 spread, Fxscalper may mark this up for a total of 3.6 as the total spread. When this trade closes the additional 3 point spread that was marked up in this example is split between Fxscalper and the investor so profit is also earned win or lose on every trade taken.

How often can I withdraw rebate?

You can withdraw as often as you like, with a $5 minimum for bitcoin withdraws. To withdraw simply login to your account and click on withdraw funds

What methods can I deposit/withdraw?

We currently accept bitcoin for deposits and withdraws, we use bitcoin as it is the lowest cost solution and instant. Since rebates can be withdrawn daily, bitcoin is more efficient. We hope to integrate more solutions in the future.

How long does it take for my deposit to appear in my wallet?

For bitcoin deposits, it can take up to 12 business hours and excludes weekends. While bitcoin is instant, accounting needs to verify deposits manually to ensure all is correct.

What investment withdrawal options do I have with my commissions?

Each day your rebate commission is deposited into you “wallet” you are able to either withdraw this commission, let this commission sit in your wallet not invested, or with a click of a button reinvest this commission back into your trading account. We highly recommend this third option as your account will compound daily.

How long does it take for my withdraw to be processed?

If you are withdrawing rebates, bitcoin withdraws should happen within 12 business hours up to 24 business hours, excluding weekends. If you are withdrawing funds from your investment balance the process can take a little bit longer. First, we need to request the withdraw from liquidity and once they are reached to us we will release them back to you. This can take 5-10 business days for the entire process. Clients should be aware of this before investing, and account for the time. Once accounting has approved your withdraw you will see the funds immediately. Please note, that because we offer daily withdraws, accounting can deal with many requests. Please be patient and know we work as quickly as possible to get all requests completed in a timely manner.

Who do I contact with deposit/withdraw questions?

Login into your account and click on support to create a support ticket with any questions you have regarding deposits or withdraws.

How do I check stats?

You can login to your account and check your balance at any time. Balances are updated once a day.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a referral program where you can earn additional rebate from the investors you refer to our service. Please visit our AFFILIATE page for more details.

How do I join your affiliate program?

Click the AFFILIATE link to join.

Has this ever been done before?

Yes and no. Every broker in today’s Forex market earns their revenue by charging a commission on spread that they take win or lose. What makes the concept new is we are offering this solution to retail traders which essentially allows investors to earn like a broker.

Why is trading lots more important than pips earned?

With the FXScalper algorithm, we aim to trade as many lots as possible. Since our algorithm earns its profit by backend rebate commission by lots only, pip count isn’t important as we are not trying to win trades to profit and earn money.

Why does your algorithm break even and not make any money?

Our algorithm breaks even because our goal is to trade as many lots as possible to make rebate profit - not from winning trades. By not having to focus on winning trades and just keeping the account at a break even balance, clients earn more through the back end rebate commission as well as being able to withdraw daily without compromising their account’s equity. Most traders are used to only earning money if they win trades, so this is an advance concept to understand. However, every Forex Broker worldwide is using this concept as standard practice and is how they are earning money.

Why is my equity balance lower than my investment balance?

Fxscalper at any given time will have hundreds of active and open trades running, which is what is continuously generating rebate commissions.

Will open trades close if I move funds from my investment balance to my wallet?

Yes. If you transfer funds from your investment account to your wallet then the open positions that are running, proportional to your balance, will be forced closed. The remaining amount will be moved into your wallet.

How many pairs do you trade?

We trade up to 25 Forex pairs including all the majors as well as exotics.

Does your algorithm trade using margintail, grid, or any other high risk strategy?

Our trading algorithm was built from the ground up with the intention of breaking even and getting out of trades without taking an overall loss. Our strategy uses all pairs traded to work together to accomplish this goal and keep drawdown low. Our strategy does not use margintail, grid, or any other high risk strategy. Fxscalper is vested in your success as we only earn profit in rebate, the exact way you do.

Do you you offer MT4 investor password details?

No, unfortunately because we run a modified PAMM system there is currently no way to provide MT4 details. We are also not directly connected with a broker that uses MT4.

Do I need to run any software?

No, everything is fully automated. Once you setup your account you can have automated trading start right away with nothing more for you to do. You do not need to run MT4 on your computer or a VPS server as everything is fully automated and taken care of through our website.

Do you report my earnings?

Client funds are traded as a single liquidity block, and are commingled with all Fxscalper trade positions. Since clients are not responsible for the creation or maintenance of their own trading accounts, and are therefore, not subjected to standard reporting requirements.

I still have questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us via our CONTACT us page. Please allow up to 24 business hours for a response.